Zipit forest adventures


By the Numbers...

 How big is Zipit?

  • Zipit Tibradden covers 1.8km of treetop activities.

How many levels?

  • There are 5 circuits for different age, height and ability.

How long does it take?

  • You have a maximum of 4 hours, long enough to complete 3 circuits!

How many activities?

  • There are over 91 activities between platforms in the trees!

Lots of ziplines?

  • Over 655m in total!

Longest zipline?

  • 135m

How high is the Green Circuit?

  • From 1 - 3 metres high, great for kids and beginners.

How high is the Orange Circuit?

  • Up to 4 metres high, perfect for families.

How high is the White Circuit?

  • Up to 8 metres high, challenging for some, warm up for others...

 How high is the Blue Circuit?

  • The highest point is about 13 metres. It's our longest circuit, plenty of ziplines.

How high is the Red Circuit?

  • You can base jump from 20 metres... Nerves of steel required...